My Story
After graduating my first role was as a project manager for UNESCO. I created international projects with social impact aimed at raising awareness of discrimination, racism and xenophobia. This experience was both formative and nourishing, embedding in me values such as openness, togetherness, empathy and freedom. The last one (freedom) inspired me to leave my country of birth (Belarus) in 2004 and start my Italian journey.

From 2005 to 2015 I worked at the three biggest branding agencies in Milan. I managed both international and local brands for medium and large businesses, and covered projects such as packaging, consumer design, corporate identity and advertising. I was also involved in new business, strategy, naming and storytelling.

My love for storytelling and brand strategy inspired me to write six books.

During last seven years I have been exploring the therapeutic effect of storytelling through healing personal stories and fairy tales.

While creating last three books I have noticed the healing effect of unfolding some important personal through fiction writing . My book "Run," has been translated into Italian and published by the Italian publishing house Edizioni Si in May 2024, addresses themes such as domestic violence and women's emigration.
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